Wild Game Pictures

A picture is worth a . . .

Wild Game Drop

Computer + Printers + Scale (for tubs)

Display 20" LCD
Laser Printer Brother Laser
Receipt Printer Munbyn 80
Label Printer Brother QL-800
Scale Torrey FS250 ($300)

For the Cutters

Using an Android tablet and a big screen display, your cutters can focus on the task at hand.

By scanning the barcode on the carcass label, the next available slot fills in on the screen.

Android Tablet

Screen 10.1
Memory 4 GB
Display Touchscreen
Price $125.00

Large Display

Screen 50" LED
Price $300 & up
Mount About $40
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Deer Cutting w/o Paper

Up to 3 animals at a time
Color coded to separate tasks

For the Freezer

The software will keep track of where each box sits in your freezers.

You will know exactly where to go when putting away or picking up.

Rack with Same Size Boxes

Bays 1
Tiers 4
Bins 8 on Tiers 1-3
12 on Tier 4

Rack with Two Size Boxes

Bays 1
Tiers 4 (3 for large, 1 for small)
Bins 14 on Tiers 1 & 3
22 on Tier 2
21 on Tier 4