About finerbutcher

What started as a project for a single processor has evolved into a tool to change the industry.

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Modern Design

A web based application. Nothing to install. Manage your operation anytime, anywhere.

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Tag Control

Each animal gets a unique Tag# to track through your plant. It appears on labels, cut sheets, invoices etc.

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Maybe you don't need some features right away. Just turn them off until you are ready.

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It is all about the schedule. Always know who (and what) is being dropped, killed and cut each day. Everyone can see the calendar at the same time.

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Our software eliminates the bottlenecks and duplication. You only have to enter data in one place to use it everywhere.

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Easily manage your data using lists. Just by entering the Order, you get a Drop, Kill & Cut list. You can then filter, sort, search and print any way you need.

More than software

Behind our software is a team of people, each with a unique and vital perspective. Their combined expertise, dedication and talent has resulted in creating the first application suited for this industry. Your operation will benefit from the experience of a plant owner, plant manager, business consultant and software engineer.
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