A key feature of our software is the ability to print directly and read the scale data.
Only a Windows laptop, tablet or computer can be used for these functions.
Please download these ahead of us helping with the installation and configuration.

QZ Tray (50 MB)

QZ Tray (C). A web application cannot communicate with a USB port. It would be a serious security flaw. This utility allows that to happen by using a certificate.

OpenJDK (150 MB)

Javascript installation to support QZ Tray. Javascript is used worldwide on billions of devices to enhance the user experience.

Brother QL-800 (18 MB)

Printer driver for Brother QL-800 thermal label printer.

Brother Tool (81 MB)

Printer Tool for Brother QL-800 thermal label printer.

Zebra GX430t (37 MB)

Printer driver for the Zebra GX430t thermal transfer label printer.

Citizen CL-S700 (2 MB)

Printer driver for Citizen CL-S700 thermal transfer label printer.

Scale Cable (1 MB)

Your scales don't have USB connections. They have "serial" ports which were invented way back (see the 9 Pins/Holes). The cable allows the data to go into the more familiar flat USB ports (which stands for Universal Serial Bus).

Hardware List

A list of hardware that has worked well with our system.