The Order list shows which Producers have reserved a date for processing. Since Tags have not been made, it is easy to change dates, hang time, # of animals etc. The system knows which days you kill and cut so you don't overbook your resources.

Tags with unique numbers are created to track each animal through the system. Tag data includes Ear Tag#, Label, Feed Type, Red Tag and Primal. Tags can be grouped so you only need one cut sheet. Tags can also be split or quartered.

All your Producers, Vendors, Payees and Contact data at your fingertips. No more duplicating data, mispelled names or missing phone numbers.

Just click a button when the Cut Sheet is finished and you have an Invoice, complete with details and subtotals. The Invoice list shows you who will be picking up or anyone who has not paid.

Post payments against Invoices or write checks for miscellaneous expenses. Print a deposit slip to take to the bank.

View your Calendar to see how many animals are coming in or how many pounds are being cut each day. Drag and drop Tags to even out the workload.

Attach notes to just about anything, each one timestamped with the user name for a complete history. Forget about forgetting the extra details.

Download your data to industry standard formats.

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