Instantly fill ScaleManager with product codes for each Species. Use the data from your scale to finish the Cut Sheet and create an Invoice. The individual cuts can be downloaded to your customers to update their inventory.

Customize the primal and sub-primal groupings, along with options for weight, packaging, thickness etc. Print cut sheets that are neat and easy to use. Create a tree view of your products and services for selecting customer choices.

Setup your staff login and access. Always know who did what.

Allow Customers to pay for their Invoices using a credit card. Current integration uses stripe.com

Configure which days you process which species, how many (by count or unit measure) and expected cutting weight. Always know ahead of time what kind of week so you can manage resources.

Scan a barcode to instantly bring up Tag, Cut Sheet, Invoice etc.

Set notifications for your staff such as when you have overbooked. Set them for your customers to let them know the status of their Order. Cut down all that phone time !

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