Deer Done

Quickly enter info, select
Items and print Check In sheet.



Print labels for whole deer and boxes.

Stay informed from schedule to pickup.
No more duplicating your data.


Manage Storage

Know what needs to be
weighed, processed.


Batch Boss

No more calculating
Manage your resources

Deer/Wild Game

Summarizes what hunter dropped off, Items selected, deposit paid etc.

Create Tags for boxes and whole deer.

Select Items with just a click.

Track your Storage - Whole Deer and Boxed meat.

Automatically create Batches (Single & Common) with calculations based on available ground weight.

Collect and record that deposit

Scan a barcode to instantly bring up Tag, Cut Sheet, Invoice etc.

Set notifications for your staff such as when you have overbooked. Set them for your customers to let them know the status of their Order. Cut down all that phone time !

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